Driving Assessments

Assessments to begin, return or continue to drive

A driving assessment is an on-road drive in live traffic to determine a person’s suitability to begin, return or continue to drive.

Any person with a medical diagnosis, or who is experiencing age related changes and wishes to begin, continue or return to driving, may be referred by a health professional to complete a driving assessment to establish Medical Fitness To Drive.

Driving Assessments

Driver assessment may be recommended for anyone having any of the following conditions:

  • Stroke / Brain Injury
  • Neurological Disorders

  • Dementia

  • Mental Illness

  • Physical Disability

  • Sensory Loss

  • Learning Disability

  • Congenital Disorders

What’s Involved

A driving assessment can be comprised of two sections, depending on a person’s diagnosis and its affects. They include an in-car off-road mobility assessment or an on-road driving ability assessment.

In-Car Off-Road Mobility Assessment

An in-car off-road mobility assessment examines a person’s physical range of mobility and strengths.

This part of the assessments determines if any adaptations are required to enable a person to drive.

On-Road Driving Ability Assessment

The on-road driving assessment assesses one’s ability to drive a vehicle in safety and comfort in live traffic situations. It examines one’s physical, cognitive and perceptual ability while driving.

The drive takes approximately forty five minutes to complete. For any driving errors demonstrated, a driver is debriefed and given an opportunity to correct their errors.

A friendly relaxed atmosphere is intended. If a driver is nervous or anxious, every effort will be made to ease the situation to enable them to feel comfortable.

On completion of the drive the recommendations are discussed and a written report will be forwarded.

For anyone over 70 years of age applying for a driving licence / learners permit a Medical Report Form D501 must be completed by a registered medical practitioner, usually the GP. To support a decision on medical fitness to drive a person may be referred for an on road driving assessment.

With South East Mobility, you can be guaranteed a professional, objective and independent assessment and ultimate peace of mind for all involved.

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